Plurale Tantum welcomes guest posters. We enjoy multi-disciplinary and varied articles as long as they explore design, planning and the multiplicity of identities, histories, and experiences that exist in cities.

What do we write about?

We explore four core themes:

1. Questioning the Conceptualization of Identity: How are various identities being conceptualized in physical space? Be it through political movement, through advocacy, through film or pop-culture, and of course in spatial practice and urban policy more broadly, how are social/economic/cultural identities expressed, celebrated, fabricated, protected, or ignored in physical space?  Why does this matter?

2. Temporal Tensions:  How do the past, present, and future in a particular place (and for people in a particular place) relate?  Spatial narratives are everywhere in urban spaces, but what brings meaning to those narratives is often how they have been created, communicated, and changed over time. So, whose story gets told? Whose history is celebrated and whose is forgotten?  What are we asked to remember? And what are we allowed to forget? “Urban planning and design are critical to the showcasing of history and culture, as they shape the physical space of the experience”

3. Methods: How should planners and designers who are interested in celebrating multiple publics (by race, class, gender, sexuality) approach their work? What can we learn from the methods of other disciplines? What is working in our current methods, and what is lacking?

4. Observations and Reactions: Sometimes we come across something that we feel the urge to share through PT. It may not fit neatly into a big idea, but we find it compelling. Maybe it’s the observation of desiring lines in our neighborhoods, or, we may just want to share an observation of poor (or awesome) spatial practice, or, we may feel the urge to respond to an idea we read elsewhere on the web.  This is the area that we are least likely to include a guest writer, however we welcome ideas about the things we should be reacting to.

What formats do we use?

We publish both long and short articles. Most articles are between 500 and 2000 words. Longer works may be broken up over multiple posts. We strongly encourage images be submitted along with articles. For us to feature the article as a lead article, we must have an image that is at least 960 by 270 pixels wide. If you do not have an image to go with an article we will find a creative commons image to use with the post.

Do you crosspost?

Yes. We love making new friends and crossposting articles.

When should I submit?

Whenever you’d like. We publish on a rotating basis. Please let us know that you’re thinking about writing for us as soon as possible. It lets us plan for upcoming publications and help you keep to a deadline!

How do I submit?

Please send a message to our editors. zlockrem (at), lbozorg (at), sara.zewde (at), nusser.sarah (at)

Anything else I should know?

Please don’t plagiarize or make stuff up. Google exists. You will get caught.