A Live Blogging Weekend: The Gender, Sexuality and Urban Spaces Conference

A team of PT writers and guest bloggers will be on the campus of MIT – starting tonight! – to blog in real time the Graduate Consortium of Women’s Studies conference on Gender, Sexuality, and Urban Spaces – March 11 – March 13, 2011.

Check back all weekend on our Live Blog page.  We’ll be capturing the content of sessions, taking pictures, dishing commentary. (And dear readers, please excuse our typos, grammatical mistakes, and so forth as we work to give you great info as fast as we can.)

This conference promises to be impressive in its geographic reach and interweaving of disciplines from architecture to planning to history and the  humanities. To give you a flavor of the depth and breadth of the sessions (which include poster sessions and panel presentations), here are a handful that I’m most excited about.  The full program is here.

  • Queering Identity: The Tyranny of Gendered Planning
  • Freedom to Dwell: Gendered Aesthetics of Informal Housing
  • City Girls: Representations of Gender and Sexuality in the Urban Arab World
  • Gender, Race, and Place Attachment: A Case of Historic Neighborhood Recovery in Coastal Mississippi
  • Bodies Built in Queer Space: The History, Politics, and Economy of Chicago’s North Halstead Street

And this is just scratching the surface!  Keeping checking back with us as we try to cover as much of this conference as possible. Comment as we post and we’ll get back to you while we’re blogging away.