First Encounters

This piece is a submission from guest author and poet, Silish Yigebru. Born and raised in the rural Yifat region of Ethiopia, Silish often reflects on the stark contrast between the life she once knew and the one she lives now in urban America. She currently lives in Houston, Texas where she sells real estate and is studying to receive her Master of Education.

Something that flows
Like the quiet country rivers
Without waves, but orderly moves
They pointed for me to step on to it
Then of course I did just that
I managed to go down a bit
But the stair seem to fight me
I’d rather be standing on my knee
That would be weird I thought
While I was worried and lost
People seem to be impatient
I turned around and sat
But it threw me back out
Why am I lost and fearful
Standing here like a fool
Everyone else seem to know
They are not falling down below
My first encounter
With the moving stair, the escalator
Was just simply nightmare
Too embarrassing to share
I may have said, I could have sworn
I was prepared for the unknown
Right at the start, coming to the west
Of that long journey
The escalator was not funny

You can follow Silish on Twitter @PoeticRealtor.